• Use both formal and informal recognition to build a “culture of recognition”
  • Provide a wide variety of recognition rewards to appeal to individual preferences
  • Emphasize recognition of increased quality in performance instead of simply quantity of effort
  • Link reward activities to specific business objectives and/or cultural values
  • Measure the cost of the recognition reward system and the benefits gained
  • Recognize the employee on, or as close to the occasion as possible
  • Pre-announce the event to create an atmosphere of celebration
  • Include specific accomplishments & personal info
  • Engage others to participate in the presentation
  • Recognize workers regularly: sporadic recognition maybe worse than no recognition


Recognition Program Solutions

  • Budget Flexibility and Award Continuity
  • Designed to fit your pre-determined budget guidelines
  • Eighteen price point levels – print on demand brochures
  • Minimal setup costs
  • Custom website available
  • CSI limited lifetime award warranty
  • CSI award continuity assurance


Administrative Ease

  • Your authorized Affinity Award Consultant will assist in establishing the complete administration sequence, selection of awards for each level and development of guidelines to ensure a successful program
  • Assistance in the development of the selection brochure for each level
  • Development of a web based award site to facilitate ordering